Welcome to Iftin Charter School

Iftin Charter School is a tuition-free public school with an open enrollment system that accepts children from anywhere in San Diego County. Our school runs independently from the San Diego Unified School District, tailoring to our own program and community needs. This provides an increase in educational choice for our administration, classroom teachers, policymakers, and parents

Iftin Charter is non-sectarian in all its programs, admission policies, employment practices and operations. Iftin does not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability

Special Education

Iftin Charter School is dedicated to identifying, locating and assessing all students within the district from birth to 21 years of age who may have disabilities, and providing appropriate support and/or related services to those students determined by an educational evaluation.

Iftin Charter is committed to providing eligible students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education consistent with federal and state laws, including those students enrolled in private schools, wards of the state, highly mobile students with exceptional needs, etc. For information call (619) 265-2411.

These services are provided based on the individual needs of the student. After a team, comprised of educational professionals and the parent(s) determine a students' unique needs and consider a variety of factors an Individual Education Program (IEP) is created. An IEP is a legal document that describes how Iftin Charter School provides services to a student with exceptional needs. Special Ed support and services are provided under the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004).

Iftin Charter School is a free K-8 public charter school serving
over 420 children from neighborhoods throughout San Diego County

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The priority application period for 2014-15 school year is from April 15th-June 13th, 2014. If we receive more applications than available spaces, we will conduct a lottery on June 18th at 6pm. Any remaining seats will be available on a first come, first served basis until all seats are filled.

Fire Safety
The San Diego Fire Department visited Iftin to teach our students about fire safety. A program that introduces children to fire prevention and survival skills.

The Read-a-thon event promoted the love of reading in our children. Becoming a good reader is key to educational success and the Read-a-thon is a fun way to get kids involved and excited about reading.

Awards Ceremony
Honoring the achievements of our most distinquished students. Celebrating accomplishments for excellence in academic citizenship and character.

I21 Classroom Initiative

We encourage the use of technology in the classrooms to enhance student learning. Our teachers use variety of digital tools to create curriculum materials to provide access, engagement and achievement

The Learning Odyssey engaging activities for students K-8 grade. Odyssey's curriculum is grade appropriate lesson plans, activities, quizzes, animations, audio, and video instruction.